No.6 Shuya Tanimoto, Architect, Japan, 1994



Shuya Tanimoto

1956 Born in Kagawa, Japan

1979 Graduated from Architectural Design Course of Art Dept. at Tsukuba University.

1979 Joined Chikuma Architects' Atelier Ltd. in Nagano Pref.

1982-1984 Assigned to Kenya for the Provincial Architect of Nyanza Prov. as a member of JOCV
(Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers).

1985 Joined to Fukuwatari Architectural Consultants Ltd. and assigned to Western Samoa and Solomon Islands for the Project Architect of Japanese Grant Aid Projects.

1989 Joined to Takatsuka Building Construction Ltd. as a Superintendent.

1990 Assigned to Bhutan for the Zonal Architect of Zone 4 as a member of JOCV.

1993 Joined to Biohistory Research Hall as a Curator for planning museum display.

1997 Established Officina Inc. and doing planning & design of building, display, furniture and event.