No.21 Carlos Russell, Artist/Performance (Etcetera) , Australia, 2001


Carlos (Charles) Russell

Charles Russell graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in Sculpture, Performance and Installation from Sydney College of the Arts.

A multi-skilled artist with Experience in visual arts, theatre, film, television, cabaret corporate performance and music.

Charles has exhibited in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Since 1988 extensive performance and design work with the visual theatre ensemble, Etcetera. They toured festivals in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Singapore Quebec, Montreal, Vancouver, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London.

In 1995 Charles acted in The Fall of Singapore (Sydney Theatre Company). Since running a workshop and co-creating the music/performance piece with Seymour Gr -Oup in

1997, Charles has continued to be involved with the group as a performance adviser. Recent performance credits include Host and Tabernacle in 1999 with Gravity Feed and Cement Garage in 2000 with Urban Theatre Projects.